Tuesday, 20 March 2018

What the frog?!

Years after being diagnosed with thyroid disease, complete with blood tests in my hot little hands, I am thrilled to tell you all that I imagined it.  Apparently the diagnosing doctor, and the pathology team and all the professionals I have spoken to as well, imagined it.  The tone I am going for here is sarcasm.

My diagnosis of coeliac disease is questionable because I fail to see the point of having a camera stuck up my back side when the blood tests, symptoms, and blood tests all point to coeliac disease.  High risk, low return!

So I dealt with the news as badly as you would expect.  I ate until I felt sick,  Now I feel sick and slightly guilty (though all healthy stuff).  Then I had a bath which helped a little.  After that I checked I was not going insane on the internet (many doctors agree I do in fact have both these diseases).

Now I am drinking tea and glaring at the computer.

Friday, 16 March 2018

Hot lemon and easy tunes

Listening to Meant to Be by Bebe Rexha (featuring Florida Georgia Line) on Jango online radio easy listening music mix.  I do so love this song.  I normally hear it on commercial radio when I'm driving in my car.

I managed two and a half generous cups of tea and now I've had my fill.  Today I'm not sure I can face a cup of coffee.  My body seems to be recovering from a cold.  I'm past sneezing but the fatigue is still present.

I have not drunk much alcohol of late.  Probably averaging one glass of wine every three months.  That has not stopped me from wanting to just drink my pain away though.  That strong impulse to drink scares me and I refuse to drink when I feel like that.  That's one of the times lately when I put earphones in my ear from my smart phone and listen to tracks on Spotify app.

I will have to look at getting another phone this week as my battery is getting more unreliable by the day.  Such a faff.

Anyway, I've taken to drinking cups of hot water and slices of lemon or lemon verbena (herb) at night instead of red wine.  Or copious quantities of soy milk laced tea.

Here's a thought provoking article on alcohol drinking:


Monday, 12 March 2018

Retirement and bankruptcy

Perhaps the bank should have refused these loans.  Had they done so, more of my generation could afford a home.  However, just like the GFC in the USA, and every other financial crash before it, people relying on debt and massive risk to get ahead.  The need to recognise their responsibility to pay back a mortgage or five.  Take on debt, buy multiple houses on the basis of things always being fine, and expect to get rich?  Good luck.

This nurse could have retired young on a good income with one house.  Now she's looking bankruptcy clear in the face.  My generation are paying for these types of cases and will continue to as housing, and the prices, have been turned into a speculative sport.


Thursday, 8 March 2018

I will just move to a tropical island

As oats tend to be fairly cost effective I made a batch of oat milk and oat yogurt.  The oat milk was palatable in coffee but I really did not care for it much.  In tea it was pointless for me.  I quickly added soy milk and slid into a seat contentedly.

In the event things get really grim financially I will just have to move to a tropical island so I can have coconut cream for yogurt!  I will quite happily have it made from coconut flour too.

I now have some oat, with coconut added, yogurt I will have to eat tomorrow.  Maybe it will transform itself overnight but I doubt it.  

Tuesday, 6 March 2018

A bit of a mess (and a coconut yogurt recipe)

I'm having a bit of a grief ridden day.  It's funny the things that make me cry.  Smells seem to be quite a trigger for me.

The smell of the hardware store got me good yesterday.  It brought back so many good memories of times with my dad that I just felt unbelievably sad that's he's not alive to share anymore with.

I'm not overly motivated today but did manage to get a few things done including a good cry and three cups of tea.

Last night I made some coconut yogurt with ingredients I had on hand.  I normally make it with coconut cream but only had coconut flour which is a bit grittier in texture but actually makes a good tasting yogurt with the following:

Mixed up hot water, coconut flour, one table spoon of raw sugar, gluten free corn flour and a tiny sprinkle of citric acid.  Let it cool to warm and added yogurt culture.  Added to clean container, left in coconut thermos overnight.  Had yogurt after cooling in fridge today.  I'm not sure of the exact quantities of things so you will have to have an experiment but hardly any citric acid (less than an eighth of a tea spoon).  Make sure everything is clean.

It's an good substitute for my normal home made coconut yogurt and for shop avoidance.  It's good with home made muesli!

Monday, 5 March 2018

homemade oat yogurt link

I have not made this but it looks too good to not share!


Sunday, 4 March 2018

Changing financial habits to survive

Good on this young woman changing her habits and paying off debt.  Rest assured I will continue to buy most of my clothes from the op shop at less than $5 a piece.

Just this week I repaired my phone with three dollar nail polish!

Lissette Calveiro's quest for Instagram stardom left her in financial ruin http://www.news.com.au/finance/money/costs/26yearold-my-quest-for-instagram-stardom-left-me-financially-ruined/news-story/97fa477fa227aafc4826d461166e3db2 -- shared by Browser